Well That Didn’t Go as Planned….

The year 2020 in one cliche: Well that didn’t go as planned.

It is now well into the first week of October and we have been social distancing since March 13th. That’s 208 days ago. Two hundred and eight days.

I honestly have very little to complain about overall. So far our household is healthy. The biggest challenge here at The Crazies house is just spending ALL of our time together. The husband works from home. I stay home. And we chose to keep our kids home the first semester for virtual learning. The girls have been in public a minimum amount of times. We have slowly expanded our social bubble just to include close family members. We have socially distanced visits with friends a handful of times. We have went through multiple bottles of hand sanitizer and masks are now a part of the laundry rotation. Such is life in 2020. My only real complaint is not being able to go visit family further away. Oh and it has become very clear that I am not made to be a homeschool mom.

Beyond the obvious effects of Quarantine life 2020 mentioned above, our household has experienced some mental health issues as well. Depending on how you look at them, they could be considered “out of the norm” for us. They may even be a greater consequence of the greater 2020 experience. One thing I do know is that I finally am feeling the motivation to write about some of these “issues”. So stay tuned…

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