Monday, Monday, Monday

“It’s just another Manic Monday…. ooowooo…”

In true ADD form, I started writing a post for today this morning… got distracted… and just now deleted that and am going in a totally different direction. I mean, who wants to hear about how snow makes me sleepy? Really? So here goes today’s post 2.0. Ha.

2019 has not been the best year for The Crazies. Hubs has been having more bipolar symptoms, actually more than I have ever seen him have in the past 10 years that we have been hanging out. Now with more adult responsibilities, these symptoms seem to have a lot bigger impact on life than they may have when he was an adolescent, or at least directly effect the livelihood of more people. Due to a manic episode and missing time at work, he was discharged from his stable income. (There is a lot I could say about that but I will keep it to myself… the mental health advocate part of me just wants to scream!) Changes in my family of origin dynamics have been major stressors for me, which has increased my mental health symptoms as well… mainly depression. 2019 started out awesome, with a positive outlook on where we were going as a family and then it quickly took a nose dive. Since we are still struggling to just keep our heads above water, it seems like as good as time as any to focus on a Clean Living lifestyle. After all, not only are we trying to keep our heads above water, but we also have to push Blondie and Brownie around in their life boat. Luckily, even though we dove into the stress at the end of March, they are just now starting to show signs of anxiety. Hopefully focusing on decreasing our symptoms will minimize their’s as well.

So here we are, 11 days into November and what am I doing in attempts to increase Clean Living efforts? I have accepted the No Soda November Challenge. For fellow Midwesterners, that means no pop. So far, I think I’ve only forgotten and “cheated” 3 times. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about that effort, considering I was drinking 32-64 ounces of diet cola a day. What does drinking soda have to do with Clean Living? Well the obvious is that if you are drinking regular soda with the sugar…. that’s a ton of sugar. Sugar is a topic on it’s own, to be discussed another day. What about diet/low calorie pop? According to WebMd, drinking diet soda does not have a direct cause or effect to any negative heath risks. However, there are some links with the drink and increased chances of developing diabetes, weight gain, stroke, and dementia. People who drink diet soda ingest artificial sweeteners, which have been linked to cancer and other health problems. Diet pop drinkers are more likely to eat more calories in a day due to craving sweets, which is not helpful for the diet. Another big issue with artificial sweeteners is that they can mess with your gut health, which is becoming more and more of a topic when looking at overall health. I’ve never been a big caffeine person, as in I can’t tell that it does much for me. So I’m actually pretty indifferent about the decrease in caffeine. So we will see if I can notice a difference once November is over.

For now, I’m just going to “keep swimming” and hope that making baby steps will one day equal a child-sized step, etc. The last 50ish days of this decade will hopefully start an upswing to welcome in 2020. How about you? Do what baby steps have you taken in the past that have grown into something more over time?

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